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We are now celebrating our 31st year in business here in South Eastern Pennsylvania!

If you need help getting around or finding what you want, send us an Email. We'll try to help.

Send us an Email
Who We Are...

We are a small, Mom & Pop company. I'm Pop. I run the company. Mom runs me. At the top & bottom of this page you'll find a link (Contact) on how to get in touch with us.

Where We Are...
We are located in York, Pennsylvania. That is a small town in the south east corner of Pennsylvania.
What We Do...
We provide services and products in the broad, general, field of digital imaging & computers. To the left is a navigational column where there are tons of stuff listed. The hyperlinks will take you to hundreds of different pages on this web site. The navigational column will also appear on each of those pages to help you continue to navigate around and find all the things you want. We have named a lot of our products in keeping with our "batty" name and try to have a little fun along the way. Don't take it too seriously!

Continuous Flow Systems (CFS)  
Continuous Flow Systems
(CFS) For Ink Jet Printers. We also have solutions for folks using Epson printers. For example, for several years Epson has offered on their web site a free utility that could be used to reset the waste ink counter when ever it would shut the printer down. Recently (maybe late 2012 or so) Epson CHANGED either the utility or the EPROM code in their printers. Their free reset utility NOW only resets the counter for a few days! Then you need to reset it again. And, finally the free Epson utility will no longer work at all. Epson proudly will tell you that the utility was only intended to be a temporary thing, and that you should immediately take your printer to an Epson Service Center. Well, folks... there is a BETTER answer!!

When your waste ink counter signal comes on, go to "www.2manuals.com" and downoad their free reset utility. Then pay them $9.99 and buy their reset key to be used with the utility. Folllow the instructions and you'll have your printer working again in less than 5 minutes!! The reset will last for a year or more (depending on how much you print) and then you'll have to do it all over again.

When ever I buy a new Epson printer, I port the waste ink tube to the OUTSIDE of the printer and connect it to a waste ink collection bottle which I place outside and behind the printer. From then on all the waste ink is deposited in the collection bottle. There is NEVER any waste ink in the internal waste ink collection pads. If you need help making this little modification, let me know and I'll help. Some Epson printers have a tiny little trap door on the back of the printer to make it easy to port the waste ink to the outside. Other Epson printers require that you remove part of the housing, and drill a small, 1/4", hole through the housing and route the waste ink tubing through that hole to the outside. If you need help removing the housing, you can get a Service Manual for your printer from "www.2manuals.com". It's an easy modification... providing that you can chew gum and walk at the same time, have a 1/4" drill and are able to breath through your nose. I fully understand that not all of you may qualify. That's OK, I love you anyway! (grin)

Custom-Built Computers -
We custom-build hi-end computers and computer systems (including scanners, printers, cameras, software, etc) for folks wanting to do hi-end things like music, video, animation, and digital imaging. We offer full, on-site, turn-key systems including training and tech support anywhere in the USA.


Custom Built Laptops -
We provide customized laptops for folks wanting special features and accessories.


Computer Up-Grades & Repairs -
We perform regular up-grades and repairs for everyday computers here in the Lancaster & York, Pennsylvania area. Got virus infection? Computer is slow to boot or won't boot at all? Call us - (click HERE)!


IT Support Services -
We perform regular IT support services for small companies here in the Lancaster & York, Pennsylvania area.


Custom-Built Linux Ubuntu Systems -
We service & support the popular Linux Ubuntu Operating System. We will also custom-build a Laptop or Desktop computer for you with the Linux Ubintu Operating System installed.

We can easily custom-build a hi-end computer system or a regular, econ-model, system for you. It all depends on what you want.

Ubuntu is a great alternative to Microsoft. And, although we will charge for the computer hardware, the Ubuntu Operating System and almost all of the thousands of software applications are absolutely FREE! Ubuntu and Linux software runs on the same, identical, hardware as does Microsoft. The two systems are so similar, you'll easily learn the Ubuntu system if you have any experience at all with the Microsoft system.

Click on the title-heading above for more details.


Web Site Work -
We build Web Sites for both small companies and private individuals. We also repair existing web sites and provide on-going, regular, maintenance work such as adding products for sale, adding or removing Email addresses, changing product prices, posting discount coupons, etc.

Many small companies use their web site as a place to honor special employees, and announce to their employees a calendar of company events.

We can easily set up your web site to collect credit card payments for the sale of your products. Payments are deposited into your account immediately and are available for you to draw on.

Call us and let's talk about all the great things that a web site could be doing for you! A typical web site set up to accept credit card payments can be yours for as little as $7-$8 on-going monthly hosting cost. In fact, you could have 8 or 10 such web sites all for the SAME monthly hosting cost of $7-$8! Of course, there are initial, one-time, set-up costs and, if you want us to maintain the web site there could be ongoing maintenance costs that will vary depending on the complexity of the web site. Or, we'll gladly help you to learn how to maintain the web site, yourself!


Visit Crystal Photo Restoration, Our Sister Web Site! -
A few years ago we opened a brand new web site - www.CrystalPhotoRestoration.com - where we are offering a greatly expanded line of our Photo Restoration and Pet Memorial services. You just gotta see all the great things that we are doing in these areas.

On our CrystalPhotoRestoration web site our clients can place orders for re-prints of any pictures that we have taken of them. As some of you know, we shoot several hundred pre-school portraits every year as well as various school graduation classes and family renunions. This new re-order service will permit, via the Internet, families of our clients to order copies of their loved ones, even though they, themselves, may live far away.


Film Scanning -
We offer high resolution film scanning services for all sizes of films and glass plates - color and B&W.


Ink Jet Printing -
We offer professional ink jet printing of your digital files using state-of-the-art archival ink jet printers.


Bulk Ink -
We offer the finest bulk ink, specially formulated for exact compatibility with Epson, Canon and HP printers, both dye-based and pigmented-based.

When using our bulk ink (or anyone elses for that matter) you will most likely have to create your own "printer profiles" to assure good color quality for your printing. The ready-made profiles that the paper manufacturers all offer, simply are not quite accurate enough for the very best color quality when using bulk ink and not factory cartridges. There's an easy answer!! Just make your own profiles!!

We use some special software that makes profiles. Super EASY!! You can get everything you'll need - sort of a kit - for $79.00 from "ddisoftware.com" It's called Printer Profiles. It works like a charm!! If you need help, just get in touch with me. Or, read the great explinations that you'll find on their web site.

If you choose to use bulk ink and a continuous flow ink delivery system (in an Epson ink jet printer) you can expect to lower your cost for ink to about 10% of what you would be paying if you bought factory cartridges for your printer. Our pigmented bulk ink will last without fading for about 100 years... depending on just how you display your photos, the sign of the moon,.. what mood you're in... etc, etc. "Your milage may vary."


Continuous Flow Ink Devices -
We offer, to customers in our local service area, CFS (continuous flow system) devices, personally installed, set-up, and color calibrated. If you live outside our immediate service area, we'll sell you the equipment and provide tons of free help to get you started.

And, we now have a CFS System for many of the HP Photosmart printers that use the HP-02 ink cartridge. We don't list these, so if you're interested, you'll have to telephone (or Email) and tell us about what you need.  


Parts & Supplies for Do-It-Yourself CFS Builder -
We offer extensive instructions and a wide assortment of parts and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer, including special, Read-Full, chips for almost all of the Epson, Canon and some of the HP ink cartridges. If you don't find what you need, telephone (or Email) and we'll try to help. (DIY).


VHS to DVD Conversion -
We make DVD's from your old VHS tapes. We can frequently perk up the color and sound a bit.


Image Recovery -
We recover images from micro-drives and other digital camera media and hard drives from both desktop and laptop computers. Call or write to us with your details and we'll see if we can be of help.


Video Surveillance Systems -
We custom-install, up-grade, and maintain video surveillance systems. We also offer various parts, supplies, and technical support for DIY systems.


Consulting & Speaking Services -
Our  Founder, Darryl Nicholas, is available for consulting, technical support, and speaking engagements in the various fields where he has experience and expertise.


Liquid Cooled Computer Systems -
We custom build liquid cooled computer systems using special, non-conductive, non-toxic, coolant. It will lower the temperature of your CPU by about 25 F compared to typical fan cooling.


Adult Night Education Courses -
Our Founder, Darryl Nicholas, teaches a variety of adult night education courses in Computers, Microsoft & Linux applications, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc. Call of write to us if you're interested.

Mr. Nicholas also offers private tuturing in most of the computer related topics, including the various operating systems and programs. Call (717-718-5266) for rates and availability.



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- Spider Spit
- Swamp Dew
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